Listening, Research and a Suite of Ideas

We start by listening closely to gain an understanding of our client’s requirements and, more importantly, their aspirations for the future. Our approach is one of research rather than assumption. Every site is a strong influence, through topography, landscape, history and context. It is from these raw ingredients that a suite of ideas for each project is constructed and individually tailored.

Sustainability and Environment

We believe that sustainability is an integral part of creating excellence in design. Ecologically sustainable design strategies are considered at the earliest opportunity in our design process, and the relationship between built and natural environments is a strong influence within our approach.

Materials and Detail

We place great emphasis on the detail of every building – it is through the detail that the nature of material, the fit to function and the experience of occupation is expressed. Materiality itself is a source of investigation and expression for every project. Our design studio explores the potential of all materials both everyday and rare. Materials such as brickwork, block work, concrete, timber and copper transcend their conventional nature in our buildings.

Interior Design

The interior of every project is considered in tandem with the overall architectural direction. Built-in joinery and architectural elements often reinforce project ideas, or extend their influence to the exterior where they appear as an expressive internal landscape.